The presentation of the Gospel requires answering questions and providing factual information. The links below are intended to provide additional information to expand upon the topics presented on this website.



The following is a recommended comprehensive list of Gospel related resources: – excellent website for answers regarding the Christian Faith.* – Ravi Zacharias – Christian Apologist – articles and training.* – comprehensive website for the defense of the Gospel and the Christian Faith.* – William Lane Craig – Christian Apologist – articles and training.* – Greg Koukl – Christian Apologist – articles and training.* – great web site providing answers regarding the questions of life.* – the most comprehensive Christian Apologetic resource.* – C.S. Lewis Apologetics org.– Christian Apologetic ministry – Frank Turek.* – resource on science and the Christian Faith. – Christian Apologist Josh McDowell.* – Christian website providing a defense of Biblical Creation. – Biola University Apologetics.* – Biblically based resource on questions of the Christian Faith.* – website with courses in apologetics. – Christian writer and apologist – Lee Strobel.* – Christian resource for growing in the Christian Faith.* – Christian website providing Christian evidences and answers. – Christian apologetic equipping website. – excellent Christian scientific based resource Hugh Ross and others. * – excellent Christian education and apologetics for children through adults.* – excellent website for apologetic training.* – Christian apologetic resource – Mike Oppenheimer – website providing apologetic articles and links – Ray Comfort ministry website – excellent resource.* – apologetics and Gospel forum. – website with interesting Christian evidence links – scholarly level material on issues of science and research.* – Christian Apologetic resource. – Resource website. – website on science and technology issues. – Evangelical Philosophy Society – apologetic resource. – apologetic and world view website with links. – complete apologetic website. – Ratio Christi Christian World view and Apologetics.* – website for Norman Geisler – tremendous resource.* – issues of truth and the setting forth of a Christian world view. – great website for those seeking to understand and know God. – excellent resource on the case for creation. – resource for numerous writings on cults and false gospels. – resource for the case for God’s existence and cults – training resource for Christian apologetics – very complete website covering all aspects of apologetics.* – excellent resource in understanding cults and false gospels.* – Christian website dealing with evidences for the existence of God. -website dealing with the Gospel. – excellent website dealing with false gospels and aberrant teaching.* – excellent website dealing with questions of faith in Christ.* – tremendous website dealing with all areas of Christian apologetics.* – great resource for Christian apologetics.* – Christian apologetic and Gospel defense website. – Bible Answer Man. – excellent website.* – apologetic search site. – C.H. Spurgeon archive writings and information. – Christian apologetic website. – Christian answers website. – good apologetic resource. – general apologetic resource. – excellent well done resource for Christian apologetic subjects.* – excellent apologetic resource. * – excellent resource for defending and living out the Gospel.* – good apologetic website with resources.* – John Ankerberg website. excellent resource on cults and cultural issues. – Christian apologetic resource. – good resource for wide variety of issues and questions. – great resource for Christian apologetic subjects. * – excellent website with resources from Christian apologist Walter Martin.* – Christian resource on the cults and false gospels. – excellent apologetic resource.* – excellent website dealing with Mormonism.* – good resource for the existence of God and other Christian topics.* – excellent website for university students on issues of faith. -good website dealing with apologetics and basic Bible training. – great website providing apologetic resources.* – great Gospel resource.* – tremendous resource for a reasoned defense of the Christian Faith.* – great resource in Christian apologetics.* – great resource with well written articles.* – link to cold case Christianity website. * – great Christian resource for defending the existence of God.* – academic resource.* -excellent Gospel-centered resource.* – excellent Gospel-centered resource.* – excellent website featuring R.C.Sproul.* – Institute for Creation Research – very valuable.* – Christian apologetic blog. – Biblical creation research. – excellent website featuring J.P.Moreland.* – The Truth Project website. – Good Gospel-centered website. – Basic Christian resource website.* – Gospel and Christian resource. – Christian resource.– Gospel resource website. – Great Gospel resource.* – Gospel training resource. – Frontline apologetics.* – D.B. Wallace – Bible textual scholar website.* – Craig Evans – Biblical scholar website.* – website providing answers to difficult questions. – interesting website defending the existence of God. -presentations on the case for God and the Christian Faith. – good website dealing with the cults.* – excellent website – Mike Licona – Christian apologist.* – excellent apologetic resource.* – list of Christian apologists – list of websites – good website with slide presentation – Christian articles and apologetics. – answers to common questions regarding the Christian Faith and the existence of God. – interesting collection of ideas about science – great website with Bible teaching for believers in Jesus. – N.T. Wright Christian apologist and theologian.* – former Christian Science believer website. -Christian response to Roman Catholicism dealing with the Gospel. – Creation website. – apologetic ministry dealing with aberrant teachings. – excellent website dealing with cults.* – interesting website dealing with difficult questions. – answers on Catholicism. – lighthouse ministry – Mormonism.* – website dealing with the Jehovah Witnesses.* – interesting Christian resource. – good website dealing with evolution. – website dealing with Scientology. – website dealing specially with cults.* – website dealing with the cults and the occult. – excellent apologetic and Gospel defense website.* – apologetic website. – website dealing with the Masonic Lodge. – Mormonism research website. – Mormonism evangelism and study materials. – Christian resource and training. – Christian apologist. – Great resource for new believers in Christ. – Great resource for Apologetics


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