Gospel FAQ


Gospel Tree

I. Does God Exist?

Is there objective evidence that supports the existence of a Creator?
Does scientific evidence point to a Divine Authority and Designer?

II. What is the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Who was Jesus and why is He important? What does history tell us about Him?

III. Are the New Testament Gospel documents reliable?

Can we trust an ancient book to provide us with an accurate portrayal of the life of Jesus Christ?

IV. Is Jesus the Predicted Messiah of the Hebrew Scriptures?

Is Jesus Christ the Messiah predicted by the Hebrew Prophets of Holy Scripture? Could God have provided a predictive road map that leads to the Messiah?

V. Did Jesus Christ rise from the dead?

What evidence exists to support the resurrection of Jesus Christ? What implications does this have for us today?

VI. What are Counterfeit Gospels?

Shortly after the early church was established, other similar yet contradictory gospels were created. How are counterfeit gospels identified and how are we to respond to them?

VII. What will you do with Jesus Christ?

If Jesus Christ is who He says He is, He is the most important person in human history. How are we to respond to His message?


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